Oil, Gas and Electric Industry

CitySurf offers tools and functions to automate many aspects of the energy transmission & distribution companies, rusilting in better efficiency and significant time savings.

CitySurf provides tools and services for plan and design stages of infrastructure networks and oil, gas and electric networks. CitySurf’s network centric security technology help energy and infrastructure industry protect their valuable assets (oil rigs, harbours, pipeline networks, storage tanks, refineries).

CitySurf Infrastructure and Network Solutions offer;

  • All confidential data such as energy pipelines and utility networks can be controlled from one central location and access to different levels of data is granted by authorization system.
  •  Investment and infrastructure work is monitored and recorded. Reference for future studies can be stored.
  • Components of the systems such as pipelines and valves etc., are subject to query . 
  • CitySurf and SCADA systems can be integrated and infrastructure network can be monitored continuously in a 3D environment.  
  • Failure locations can be determined and maintenance units can be quickly utilized. 
  • Secure data sharing with concerned parties over internet or local area network.
  • CitySurf works in full compliance with MIS & CRM and ERP and SCADA system.

Client profile of CitySurf Infrastructure and Network Solutions ;

  • Local GovernmentsUtility CompaniesElectric,
  • Oil and Gas Distribution Companies 
  • Ministry of Energy


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