Citysurf is a server based 3D GIS software, developed by PiriReis. Citysurf is a new model for serving maps and interacting with the end user and has been created to model and serve raster data at high speed and low bandwidth. Databases such as high resolution satellite images and aerial images are combined with digital terrain models and vector-based geographical information. Citysurf can serve data over local networks or the internet. Each end user can manage and analyse geographical data through the Citysurf Globe interface with advanced authorization system incorporated in CitySurf.
Technical Capabilities & Superior Features

▪ Fast adaptation and secure data transfer with special data storage structure.
▪ Fast and excellent quality 2D map rendering with OGC compliant 3D GIS Server.
▪ Leading professional 3D GIS API with ActiveX (COM Automation) object include.
▪ Dynamic spatial data editing over 3D Client window connection with Oracle SDO and PostGIS.
▪ High-end expansion and load sharing features to serve many concurrent users with great performance.
▪ Perfect adaptation to authorization requirements of organization with different authentication models.
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▪ Municipalities
▪ Military and Defense
▪ Energy & Infrastructure
▪ Real Estate
▪ Travel and Tourism
▪ Engineering
▪ Logistics and Enterprise planning
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