3D Geographical Information System

Easy to use Citysurf provides a better quality of life in cities.

Fast reach to the right information becomes an invaluable asset for local governments. Taking fast groving cities in to concern, control of sustainable growth and planning, feasible use of sources and improved public services becomes an important issue. This can only be achieved by analisis of local government databasis accoring to public needs. In order to answer these needs, concerned parties have to work with cutting edge information systems technologies. CitySurf aims to make life easier with fast, reliable and dynamic structure.

Some capabilities of CitySurf 3D Geographical Information System:

  • Important public buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, worshipping places and roads can be queried over network.
  • Geographical objects are integrated with MIS, ERP or CRM databases to display different information.
  • Upon selection of a building, permits and occupant information can be viewed or querried.
  • According to the attribute information of geographical objects such as buildings and roads,  thematic maps can be prepared by highlighting the objects.
  • Upon query CitySurf zooms out from current view and zooms in to the found result.

Client profile of CitySurf 3D Geographical Information System;

  • Local Governments, especially land development and map sections.
  • Security directorates. Emergency and crisis mangement directorates.
  • Traffic monitoring and managing departments.

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