CitySurf Globe

CitySurf Globe displays and analyzes the whole earth in 3D. There is no restriction of any geographical region. Have enough disk space and data, you can view and analyze very fast.

• Fast transfer and secured data due to special data storage structure
• On the fly projection conversion which allows the usage of all sorts of data in different coordinate systems
• Perfect adaptation to different authorization needs of your company/organization with flexible authorization models for different user groups
• Creation of geographical objects (Point, Line, Polygon)
• Raster layer support in client and server (tiff, jpeg, png, KML 2.0)
• With the help of “Search scenario editor” various search windows could be formed and the results could be displayed according to the authorization level of the client
• Spatial filtering in search window
• Upload of geographic and spatial data by both Server and Client
• RDBMS supports Oracle SDO, PostGIS
• CitySurf Globe Client allows the user to prepare Thematic Maps (layers and columns which are going to be mapped thematically are defined by the server)
• Virtual trip on the image and movie recording
• Local GPS support
• Real time visibility and 3D profile analysis
• Data added by the Client can be sent via email to other users
• GPS tracking
• Reverse geocoding
• Dynamic layer support

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