CitySurf helps GSM and Internet Service Providers in customer relations management (CRM) and investment management areas with its rich set of functional tools and robust framework. Service Providers can track all of their network and field assets on a single screen thus they can rapidly take action about malfunctioning devices, energy cut outs and such things which can affect service quality.

CitySurf can combine field mesurements and customers’ requests on its system and creates a 3D photo reallistic environment to help decision makers identify the actions to take. During the design process of any project CitySurf helps to identify possible future problems thus optimum plans can be made with help of 3D photo reallistic visualization.
CitySurf is a effective system to identify areas which has priority for investments and helps with the plannig thus corporate resources are not wasted.

Integration with Radio Planning and Optimization Software

CitySurf-Telco can integrate with radio planning and optimization software. It can display 3D radio and transmission network components on digital terrain model and satellite imagery. CitySurf-Telco enables users to see a common picture of GSM/3G network by fusing layers from different subjects and attributes on a single platform. Thus users can better interpret the network-subscriber relations and take quick decisions about the potential development areas.

CitySurf can create inner relations between objects in an Oracle table. Using the look-up tables, connections between the objects can be shown and reported. Values measured with radio and transmission planning and optimization software can be shown in object properties. Inner relations between 2G to 2G, 3G to 3G or 2G to 3G relations can be shown with this functionality.

2G and 3G coverage maps which are generated by radio and transmission planning and optimization software can be added to CitySurf as Vector or Raster layers, using these data, radio planning departments can execute several core analyzes to identify areas for new investments.

Constantly reading the sensors on the field, CitySurf-Telco can display live alarms coming from the network objects. Alarm types can be listed as :

  • High heat alarm
  • Door left open alarm
  • Energy cut-out alarm
  • Site cut-out alarm
  • Low voltage alarm
  • Generator on/off alarm

In addition to operator specific data, network structure and related measurements and alarms can be displayed 3D on digital maps and satellite imagery, momentary network cut-outs and network quality measurements are forwarded to related departments by CitySurf Telco users in Network Operation Center.

3D radio and transmission network components can be displayed over digital maps and satellite imagery, with this integration, coverage area and statistical data related to site sector objects can be displayed in 3D environment.

Network structure can be monitored real-time with live updates from the network components such as base stations, site sector objects, cells, transmission collection points and links.

Integration with CRM Software

Seamless integration with existing CRM software enables CitySurf Telco to display customer complaints and requests on a location based system. These complaints and requests are forwarded to suitable departments by network planning experts.

Locations of network elements that are removed due to juristic or natural causes and customer complaints from the same area are overlaid on each other to better analyze the current network situation in the area.

Customers are informing the GSM operator of locations they experience problems and these locations are stored in Oracle SDO database by radio network planning department of the GSM operator. Locations that the customers experience problems are displayed in 3D environment over CitySurf Telco. Overlaying the quality measurements that are conducted on field and the customer complaints mentioned above in CitySurf Telco, marks the points in need of development and thus CitySurf Telco becomes a vital assistance on location based decision making.

Integration with Desktop GIS and Database Software

Data that is produced with desktop GIS software is stored in relational database management system, this data is served to users in a secure environment based on authorization models starting from group based and detailed to the user based system.
Data that is produced by CitySurf Telco can be stored in RDBMS according to authorization clearance of the user.

Using My Layers feature, file based (shp, tab, mif, dxf etc.) data can be displayed on CitySurf Telco even without database connection

General Features

  • User friendly client and server side GUI.
  • Thematic map creation abilities
  • Geocoded web services support
  • Citysurf Server, Version 1.0 is OGC Compliant with WMS 1.1.1,WMS 1.3.0 WFS 1.0.0, SFS(BG)1.1 articles
  • GPS tracking support
  • Multiple languages support
  • Geodynamic layer support
  • Api & SDK support
  • Shared layers
  • Dynamic 3D shaded relief
  • Dynamic color coded contour lines
  • 2D & 3D measurements

GIS Analysis Features

  • Line of sight analysis
  • Visibility analysis
  • Object statistics,
  • Network analysis ( Coridor analysis, shortest path, etc.)
  • Buffer analysis

Citysurf can generate 3d profile of the terrain using both digital terrain model and 3d geographical features i.e. While executing 3d profile analysis CitySurfTelco takes 3d building models in to consideration and resulting profile includes both natural and manmade features.

CitySurf Telco

Viewshed Analysis

Live Site Object

Dynamic Terrain Profile

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