Integrated Location Intelligence Platform

Amount of digital maps and satellite imagery that is purchased to be used in operational process of telecommunication sector is constantly rising; in parallel, hardware cost for storage and distribution of this purchased data is on the rise too. Digital maps and satellite imagery are kept in classical directory structure in most software thus they are easily copied to unsupervised media. Related files are licensed on user basis and they have to be kept in a secure environment while preventing any unsupervised copy left the organization.

Sharing of the location based data that is produced using several different systems and software over a secure environment has risen as a necessity during the development process of telecom service providers. CitySurf Telco which has been developed by our company to meet these secure sharing requirements and it is able to serve location based data coming from different systems over an integrated secure platform via internet / intranet.

CitySurf Telco can integrate with radio planning and optimization software. It can display 3D radio and transmission network components on digital terrain model and satellite imagery. CitySurf-Telco enables users to see a common picture of GSM/3G network by fusing layers from different subjects and attributes on a single platform. Thus users can better interpret the network-subscriber relations and take quick decisions about the potential development areas.

CitySurf Telco can create inner relations between objects in an Oracle table. Using the look-up tables, connections between the objects can be shown and reported. Values measured with radio and transmission planning and optimization software can be shown in object properties. Inner relations between 2G to 2G, 3G to 3G or 2G to 3G relations can be shown with this functionality.


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