3D Visualization for Civil Engineering, Landscape Design and Urban Planing

Real time interactive planning & visualizations

CitySurf can be extremely useful in city planning and landscape design projects. Planners and designers can see the possible problems even before the construction process starts. Design candidates can be seen in 3D environment and best design can be chosen either by decision makers or constituents via an online poll of candidate designs.

Engineers can benefit from CitySurf while visualizing survey and structure design work in design process and evaluating design in its future surrounding environment. CitySurf provides a photo realistic presentation of future structure in its future content so possible environmental problems can be addressed even before the construction work begins.

CitySurf Engineering and Planning Solutions Offers;

  • Visualize and record project process for current use and future reference.
  • CitySurf can visualize 3D models in 3D context but the actual power of the software is visualizing your own drawings, existing project details, GIS layers and 3D models on the actual terrain.
  • CitySurf assists engineers and designers for better designs thus project costs can be optimized.
  • CitySurf’s realistic 3D presentations can influence public opinion and promote constituent support for project plans.

Who Uses 3d Visualization ?

  • Local Government,
  • Urban planners,
  • Civil Engineers,
  • Landscape Designers.

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